Our Massive Panels

We are pleased to inform you about an update of our homepage.
In order to support you in the best possible way when selecting our products, we have completely revised the solid wood panels section. In addition to general information about the structure and possible applications of the various boards, you will now find an overview of the entire product range. – Photos have also been added. We believe that this will give you an overview of our huge stock of panels and look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Massive Panel overview


  • formaldehyde free glueing
  • conditionally waterproof
  • only indoor use


Continious Lamells (CL)Fingerjoint Lamells (fj)3 layer panel (3lp)Profi Deck (PD)
fix lamell widthfix lamell widthfix lamell: width depends on the wood speciestoplayer of a 3LP
A/B Quality (1st side + backside)A/B Quality (1st side + backside)A/B Quality (1st side + backside)5mm thickness
middle layer often same woodspecies than top layerfix lamell width depends on the wood species
top layer 5mmA/B Quality (st side+ backside)
Use for: horizontale surface; tabletops; furniture buildingUse for: surfaces; furniture building; contruction projectsUse for: interior work; furniture frontsUse for: stairs renovation; flexible choise of middle layer material; flexible choice of panel thickness
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