Our new EvenTeak® is a real product highlight. Because with its natural look and feel, it not only feels and smells like natural forest teak, it is “even teak”. This is also proven by our tests, which we have carried out together with the MPA* (Materialprüfanstalt Eberswalde) and various partners. Whether for interior finishing, or e.g. as a boat deck, our EvenTeak® keeps what it promises.

EvenTeak® Simply multifunctional

We offer EvenTeak® as a veneer and as a lumber variant. Due to the almost pristine properties, it can be used for interior finishing and the furniture industry, as well as in outdoor applications such as boat interior.

  • Thicknesses: 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 mm
  • Veneers from 1.0 mm are fleece-laminated
  • Lengths from 2.60 and 3.10 m
  • Falling widths from 40 to 47 cm

We are currently developing other products such as flowery veneers and different varieties of lumber, please feel free to contact us.

EvenTeak® From sustainable forestry

EvenTeak® is grown and harvested on official, sustainably managed plantations and is FSC 100% certified, making it a real alternative to problematic natural forest teak.

EvenTeak® Technical characteristics:

  • Density*: min. 600kg/m³
  • Max. Dimensional change*: 0.2% in fiber direction, 4.9% crosswise
  • Adhesive: Perma-Flex SV-104
  • Nonwoven: PWG VC150+
  • VOC / Formaldehyde*: VOC test -> AgBB requirement fulfilled (test according to EN 16516)

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